Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gifts under 350!

As per requested here is a guy POV on:

Gifts under $350
·      NOOK COLOR (250 USD)
The nook color is a GREAT android OS running tablet in disguise. The resolution is absolutely great and the colors are vibrant. It’s light & the battery life is damn long (for a colored screen anyway). Barns & Nobles even has their own Apps store now so you can now enjoy all your favorite B&N approved apps or if you’re the type to get your hands dirty and enjoy ruining warranties, you can root it and run a full android OS on it. This turns the Nook to a super cheap tablet.

·      Plunger- iPhone stand (5 dollars?)

Well lets hope you won’t get this for someone’s b-day present or something big, but this definitely makes a great stocking stuffer. It’s an iPhone stand that basically sticks to the back of your phone and props it up. It’s also a lot of fun sticking it to your face and chin too.
·      The gift of a child’s laughter (priceless)

·      Xbox 360 4gb + kinect package (299 CND)
On top of it ..well being an xbox, now the kinect allows you to interact with the game without remote. Similar to the wii when it was introduce, the xbox allows you to use a whole new way to play a game. Make a trip to best buy or futureshop to see it in action. Maybe break out some dance moves while your at it.

·      Straight razors
That’s right, the good old manly straight razors for shaving. If whoever you’re giving it to thinks it’s a stupid idea, he’s not man enough for it. That’s right, rethink the whole relationship (if you’re giving it to your bf or if it’s your dad, try to relive the days when you still looked up to him b/c there’s nothing cooler than seriously risking the well being of your face for the chance of getting a close shave)
Ok, if he’s seriously scared, get him a disposable blade straight razor. You don’t have to sharpen it and you can get the training blades with wire guards that prevent you from cutting yourself. But they don’t come cheap though! 

Stay tuned and follow us for a girl's last minute father's day gift ideas


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