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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Autobots necklace review - Dealextreme

Transformers autobots necklace review:

It is difficult to find jewelry that reflects your interests and is not made of cheap materials. I recently purchased an autobots necklace from the website DealExtreme for $2.49 US

> Good quality : the necklace does not have that cheap metal smell
> Not overly big : the pendant is a bit bigger then a quarter, so it's not really tacky
> Really affordable : shipping is free as well

> I don't really like the cord that comes with it, I think that it would look a lot better with a silver chain that matches the pendant's colour

I would definitely recommend this necklace, it's cheaper than most necklaces and is so different. It's difficult to accessorize and still have some individuality, but I think that this necklace achieves it.


Monday, July 11, 2011

how to watch icefilms/projectfree tv on the iPad?

How to watch icefilms/ projectfree tv on the iPad. Well kinda sorta.

The closest thing to viewing ice films on the iPad is actually a pretty cool work around. Not only is it free, but it doesn't even require jailbreak.

Things you need: oplayerhd lite. Your can use the free version, but you can always pay for the ad-less version.

How does it work? Go to your normal safari browser (or any browser of your choice really), then go to ice films like you would normally. ( then, look for the movie/video you want to watch. 

Once you get the the source page, click one of the megavideo links. 

As you could have guessed, it would tell you you have to download the script and divx player or whatever. Ignore it and just copy the link on the bottom. 

Now go to oplayer and click web browser. Paste the link in the address bar. you can choose to play file or download file.  enjoy!

Note: ads might pop up after you press the link on megaupload. this may or may not screw with you playing your video. if it does, simply try again. 

Project free tv:
            Things you need: Puffin app or iswift app. (really depends on which one you like better, they both work pretty much the same but im leaning towards Puffin as being the better one) They can both be downloaded from the app store.

            How does it work? Simply go to with the browser you chose to download and do as you would on your computer. It’s as simple as that!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My xbox live woes.

Written by Anthony

For all those out there that frequent xbox live and never really had and issue with it, I hate you.

Ok maybe it's not really your fault that my xbox live connection didn't exactly work out of the box, but someone has to take the blame...   Due to a combination of awkward ethernet cable wiring,  us using VoIP as our home phone and my recent urge to play call of duty black ops online, I had to change a couple of things to my home network. My old setup consisted of a linksys VoIP routerish type thingy, which then fed into 3 other routers which then connected to my xbox. No wonder my xbox live didn't work right?

The new setup: I decided to opt for the linksys cisco e3200, a gigabit switch from d-link and one of my old routers (after changing it to an access point). This system seemed to have solved my issues...for a couple of days, but for reasons that are beyond me, it suffered severed slow downs during peak hours. Normally this would indicate it's the internet providers problem, but I decided to change to a new router anyway since I was kind of running out of options. To my surprise, what seemed to beaded drags attempt totally worked! My Internet is faster than ever now!

You want to know what router it is don't you? Alright here it is.........
It's the Asus rt-n56u! Best of all, there's barely any configurations that needed to be made. It was literally plug and play. (get it? Play .. Xbox live) getting the VoIP to work properly thought needed a firmware update, but that was spretty much it.  For the slow downs. They're totally gone and the VoIP sound quality is great!

Stay tuned for a review on the Asus router.

Google+ plus

Written by : Michele

Google + [plus] is the new contender for social media takeover. There is a lot of hype and speculation over it and so I thought I'd weigh in.

What is it?

A social media platform that will enhance your online relationship experience. It is headed by Google and is not yet currently available.

What makes this different from... oh I don't know let's say Facebook?

In my opinion IOS is to Facebook as Android is to Google+. I say this because let's look at this realistically. It will probably be hard to get your grandparents and so forth to move to google+, as they probably just found the like button. Furthermore, it seems as though Google+ is meant for a mid aged hip techy crowd. I can't really imagine my parents using Google+ Huddle to gather with their... friends?

So IOS is universal and easy to use (fool proof let's say) and Google+ looks a bit more complicated to use. You have to work a system with terms that certain crowds may not get. Anyone can understand adding a friend, but adding someone to a circle? Going to a "hangout"?, "huddling"? As much as I trust the older generation, I just don't think it's been dummed down enough. "

Some Google+ features that I find are way better than Facebook are huddling (multiple user vidchatting), Sparks (like sharing amazing stuff), and Circles (for when "friends" doesn't cut it)
I'm quickly going to add that I think Sparks is way better than "posting"

Will I use it?

Hells yes! I will be using this. With it's capacity to video chat multiple people at once and it's cool looking mobile capabilities, backed by Google's amazing standard, I am ridiculously pumped - I just highly doubt that many others will be. Just as I feel Android is amazing, you will always have those people who have heard "Yo dude! Iphone's the shit, just get iphone" and will blindly follow suit, but we can only hope that the range of capabilities will speak for themselves and that many will see the creative potential in Google+

The website is

Will you be using Google+ Plus?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GelaSkins - Review

Gelaskins Review
a chick review


> The Skin is form fitted: I used a hair blower to help make the glue maleable but this is not necessarily needed. A clean surface will do.
>Very customizable: The design I wanted was not pre-fitted to my phone and so instead of simply refusing to let me have the skin, Gelaskins allows the customer to fit the design as they please onto the phone

> A multitude of design: Great designs by amazing artists. My fave (other than Tokidoki clearly) is Camilla D'Errico. She has beautiful anime-esque designs for Gelaskins. Also I saw Camilla at her booth at Fanexpo in Toronto last year and all of her artwork is amazing. Also if you can't find something you like you can always upload a picture and make your own design
> Criss cross design is pretty air bubble fool proof. The criss cross design on the adhesive makes it so that air bubbles are almost impossible (unless a child is applying this skin)

> Surprisingly affordable: I have two Gelaskins and both of them were surprisingly affordable. If you are going to be putting a protective skin on your phone, might as well get one that looks good and is approx. the same price
> Easy to use website: I very easy like drag and drop easy


>They don't have that many stores so you have to depend on pictures like mine for guidance as to the quality as well as to find out how it looks like in "real life"
> Not a case. ie. you drop your phone from some serious height, then that's on you
> A bit difficult to get the wallpaper to line up with design (from a custom design)


Love the skin. I'm working on not dropping my phone but so far so good. Definitely a plus that they have licenses from Tokidoki and Tim Burton. Love the fact that you can support artists as well. Will I ever get another one? Hells yes! Probably a Camilla D'Errico one once she releases her Helmet girl line. This is a great way to showcase individuality.



Monday, June 20, 2011

update on contest

Hi all! you may have noticed we are leaving the contest doors open. This is because the horrible Canada Post is on strike and so we wouldn't be able to ship out the prizes anyway. So please be patient, and enter the contest if you haven't already. We are all hoping that this will be resolved soon.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gifts under 350!

As per requested here is a guy POV on:

Gifts under $350
·      NOOK COLOR (250 USD)
The nook color is a GREAT android OS running tablet in disguise. The resolution is absolutely great and the colors are vibrant. It’s light & the battery life is damn long (for a colored screen anyway). Barns & Nobles even has their own Apps store now so you can now enjoy all your favorite B&N approved apps or if you’re the type to get your hands dirty and enjoy ruining warranties, you can root it and run a full android OS on it. This turns the Nook to a super cheap tablet.

·      Plunger- iPhone stand (5 dollars?)

Well lets hope you won’t get this for someone’s b-day present or something big, but this definitely makes a great stocking stuffer. It’s an iPhone stand that basically sticks to the back of your phone and props it up. It’s also a lot of fun sticking it to your face and chin too.
·      The gift of a child’s laughter (priceless)

·      Xbox 360 4gb + kinect package (299 CND)
On top of it ..well being an xbox, now the kinect allows you to interact with the game without remote. Similar to the wii when it was introduce, the xbox allows you to use a whole new way to play a game. Make a trip to best buy or futureshop to see it in action. Maybe break out some dance moves while your at it.

·      Straight razors
That’s right, the good old manly straight razors for shaving. If whoever you’re giving it to thinks it’s a stupid idea, he’s not man enough for it. That’s right, rethink the whole relationship (if you’re giving it to your bf or if it’s your dad, try to relive the days when you still looked up to him b/c there’s nothing cooler than seriously risking the well being of your face for the chance of getting a close shave)
Ok, if he’s seriously scared, get him a disposable blade straight razor. You don’t have to sharpen it and you can get the training blades with wire guards that prevent you from cutting yourself. But they don’t come cheap though! 

Stay tuned and follow us for a girl's last minute father's day gift ideas

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anime North - extra footage?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anime North 2011 - Geek out?

A Chick review ; )

Well hello there!

So BMG Gadgets headed over to Anime North this weekend to do a little bit of Fangirl-ing and to take a look at all the amazing costumes.

So let's get into it.

Anime North

Anime North is the biggest fan run Anime Convention in North America. It takes place once a year at the end of May for 3 days in Mississauga, Ontario. Anime North is basically spread throughout 3 locations and is AMAZING for all anime fans.

You will see tons of costumes and great panels and merchandise. To be honest, I didn't really get any merchandise since I live in the Toronto area anyway and Pacific Mall has all of the anime things I need. However, for those travelling from afar (many hailing from Quebec and from the US) this is a prime time to get great merchandise without having to buy things online.

Ok so now on to the pic heavy part of the post :

 Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z

 Black Gold Saw - Black Rock Shooter (she was SO tall) Amazing Cosplay she really eclipsed the other  Black Gold Saw cosplayers, I didn't even want to take pics of others XD

 Black Rock Shooter (again absolutely amazing, and the weapon is great too). and adorable that she had issues propping it on the shoulder lol

 Hina Ichigo from Rozen Maiden and Clover (Su) Amu Transformation - Shugo Chara
Absolutely adorable cosplays
 Oz and Alice - Pandora Hearts


 I believe this is a steampunk cosplay but I could be incorrect. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

 Sailor moon cosplay. Again sorry for the n00bness but I only know Sailor mini moon from this Sailor Moon group. Corrections are welcome.
 Chocobo - Final Fantasy Series

 Camo Sniper

Princess Peach - Mario 
I REALLY wanted her to do the voice, but I didn't want to impose =[

 Ciel Phantomhive in his uber cute girl outfit from Kuroshitsuji Black Butler

 Death the Kid - Soul Eater 
There were a lot of Death the Kid's out at Anime North but this was one of my favourites.

Team Fortress!

 Bowser - Mario

 Kyoya Ootori and Tamaki Suou - Ouran High School Host Club 
So dazzling =]

Don't ask me to name them, they're new and I'm old school. I only now Magikarp
 Akatsuki - Naruto

 Princess Mononoke

Assassins creed I believe.

 Ciel Phantomhive - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Boy and girl outfits

 Amu heart transformation (Ran) - Shugo Chara

 Not sure, just got a quick snapshot.

Franken Stein (Dr. Stein) - Soul Eater
Lots of this cosplay as well, I'm glad Soul Eater's doing so well

 Togepi oufit.
Pokemon (duh!)

 Alice - Heart no kuni no Alice

Pikachu and Misty 

 I'm not sure but DAMN those SHOES!

 Again, pardon my n00bness but this looked really cool

Shugo Chara gathering!!!!

Not sure again... sorry! >.<

Vivaldi - Heart no kuni no Alice
Amazing cosplay, so detailed... just amazing

 Not sure again, but I love the large weapon. She must've made them sweat at weapon's check

TEGAMI NO BACHI - gauche suede. 
OMGOMGOMG love the character design in the manga. droollll... AND THEY HAD LETTERS...
ok fangirl moment over I swear

Getting photos taken all professional like at "The Enthusiasts" booth by "Elemental" (she takes amazing cosplay pics). This is Link and Snake getting their model on. I was after and absolutely loved the shots I got. Look out for those on the personal/beauty blog.

 Grabbed a business card, because they were so good

 Not sure where this is from but they were so well put together

 Sucker Punch. Thank goodness I decided not to do this cosplay. These guys were amazing!

ARIEL!! From the little mermaid. I litterally squealed when I saw her ! AND WITH FLOUNDER!

And finally... this was my favourite of the day. They looked so familiar but I didn't figure it out until we stopped taking pics. ITS MUMMIES ALIVE!!!!!!!! I know you know what I'm talking about.


So all in all another great experience at Anime North. Can't help but love the full on geekyness that goes on here. It's so fun, and a great chance to see some favourite characters as close to in the flesh as you will ever get. Doesn't hurt that half naked girls are running around ; )

Tickets can be pricy, but try to remember that the entire con is fan run by volunteers and that they all put in an immense amount of work and effort into making it an enjoyable experience for all.

Will I be going next year? Yes, and probably the year after and so on and so forth. So make sure to leave a comment if you went and tell me about your experiences!


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