Monday, July 11, 2011

how to watch icefilms/projectfree tv on the iPad?

How to watch icefilms/ projectfree tv on the iPad. Well kinda sorta.

The closest thing to viewing ice films on the iPad is actually a pretty cool work around. Not only is it free, but it doesn't even require jailbreak.

Things you need: oplayerhd lite. Your can use the free version, but you can always pay for the ad-less version.

How does it work? Go to your normal safari browser (or any browser of your choice really), then go to ice films like you would normally. ( then, look for the movie/video you want to watch. 

Once you get the the source page, click one of the megavideo links. 

As you could have guessed, it would tell you you have to download the script and divx player or whatever. Ignore it and just copy the link on the bottom. 

Now go to oplayer and click web browser. Paste the link in the address bar. you can choose to play file or download file.  enjoy!

Note: ads might pop up after you press the link on megaupload. this may or may not screw with you playing your video. if it does, simply try again. 

Project free tv:
            Things you need: Puffin app or iswift app. (really depends on which one you like better, they both work pretty much the same but im leaning towards Puffin as being the better one) They can both be downloaded from the app store.

            How does it work? Simply go to with the browser you chose to download and do as you would on your computer. It’s as simple as that!


you have no idea how much I thank you! This is great! problem is there is no sound.

Thank you so much! Amazing and so glad it's free :)

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