Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GelaSkins - Review

Gelaskins Review
a chick review


> The Skin is form fitted: I used a hair blower to help make the glue maleable but this is not necessarily needed. A clean surface will do.
>Very customizable: The design I wanted was not pre-fitted to my phone and so instead of simply refusing to let me have the skin, Gelaskins allows the customer to fit the design as they please onto the phone

> A multitude of design: Great designs by amazing artists. My fave (other than Tokidoki clearly) is Camilla D'Errico. She has beautiful anime-esque designs for Gelaskins. Also I saw Camilla at her booth at Fanexpo in Toronto last year and all of her artwork is amazing. Also if you can't find something you like you can always upload a picture and make your own design
> Criss cross design is pretty air bubble fool proof. The criss cross design on the adhesive makes it so that air bubbles are almost impossible (unless a child is applying this skin)

> Surprisingly affordable: I have two Gelaskins and both of them were surprisingly affordable. If you are going to be putting a protective skin on your phone, might as well get one that looks good and is approx. the same price
> Easy to use website: I very easy like drag and drop easy


>They don't have that many stores so you have to depend on pictures like mine for guidance as to the quality as well as to find out how it looks like in "real life"
> Not a case. ie. you drop your phone from some serious height, then that's on you
> A bit difficult to get the wallpaper to line up with design (from a custom design)


Love the skin. I'm working on not dropping my phone but so far so good. Definitely a plus that they have licenses from Tokidoki and Tim Burton. Love the fact that you can support artists as well. Will I ever get another one? Hells yes! Probably a Camilla D'Errico one once she releases her Helmet girl line. This is a great way to showcase individuality.




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