Saturday, July 2, 2011

Google+ plus

Written by : Michele

Google + [plus] is the new contender for social media takeover. There is a lot of hype and speculation over it and so I thought I'd weigh in.

What is it?

A social media platform that will enhance your online relationship experience. It is headed by Google and is not yet currently available.

What makes this different from... oh I don't know let's say Facebook?

In my opinion IOS is to Facebook as Android is to Google+. I say this because let's look at this realistically. It will probably be hard to get your grandparents and so forth to move to google+, as they probably just found the like button. Furthermore, it seems as though Google+ is meant for a mid aged hip techy crowd. I can't really imagine my parents using Google+ Huddle to gather with their... friends?

So IOS is universal and easy to use (fool proof let's say) and Google+ looks a bit more complicated to use. You have to work a system with terms that certain crowds may not get. Anyone can understand adding a friend, but adding someone to a circle? Going to a "hangout"?, "huddling"? As much as I trust the older generation, I just don't think it's been dummed down enough. "

Some Google+ features that I find are way better than Facebook are huddling (multiple user vidchatting), Sparks (like sharing amazing stuff), and Circles (for when "friends" doesn't cut it)
I'm quickly going to add that I think Sparks is way better than "posting"

Will I use it?

Hells yes! I will be using this. With it's capacity to video chat multiple people at once and it's cool looking mobile capabilities, backed by Google's amazing standard, I am ridiculously pumped - I just highly doubt that many others will be. Just as I feel Android is amazing, you will always have those people who have heard "Yo dude! Iphone's the shit, just get iphone" and will blindly follow suit, but we can only hope that the range of capabilities will speak for themselves and that many will see the creative potential in Google+

The website is

Will you be using Google+ Plus?


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