About Us

Welcome to our space among the interwebz. We are a blog that hopes to harmonize the opposing opinions of one guy and one girl's views on all things gadget and electronic related. Here you will find all the the tech stuff you crave with a side of honest opinion and humour.

Who are we?

Current Cell phone: Galaxy S Captivate
Gaming systems: Wii, DS lite, Gameboy SP, Gameboy Colour
Favourite games: Pokemon Yellow, Elite Beat Agents, Wii Fit, Brawl, Street Fighters, Wario master of disguise, cooking mama, diner dash
Laptop: Macbook unibody aluminum 13"
Biggest geek out: I cosplay occasionally

Current cell phone: Iphone 4
Gaming systems: Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2
Favourite games: Tiny Wings, Angry birds, Street Fighter, Guitar hero 
Laptop: Macbook Pro 13 inch
Biggest Geek out: I wait in line for electronics occasionally


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