Friday, May 20, 2011

Add some pink? - Silicone Macbook keyboard cover review

Hello all!

Welcome to the first girl review. And it is on the pink keyboard cover that is just super adorable! SO here goes !!!


> Gorgeous: I mean not only that it's pink since it comes in several colours, but also that it doesn't look cheap or tacky (at least the one I have doesn't)

> Easy to type on : The learning curve to adapt to typing on this is quite small actually, and you may actually prefer typing on it.

> Has a satin finish. You don't get that nasty sticky plastic feeling but instead a sort of velvety matte feeling

> Easy to clean. Just like your keyboard, this will get dirty but when it does, simply remove it and run it under the tap. All better!

> Very affordable. The retail between 5-10 dollars canadian on (so affordable in fact we will be posting a giveaway right after this so check it out!)

> Encompasses more than simply the keys so that dust and debris doesn't get in the cracks


> Some avid typers may not like that you have to press a tinge harder to get the keys to work.

> Colourful keyboards may not be "professional" (although the solution to this is that it comes in black as well, duh!)

Can be purchased on for $7.65

GTMax Blue+Hot Pink Silicone Keyboard Cover For For Apple MacBook 2G Air/Pro


Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)

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