Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: Kobo e-reader - A book lover's dream?

Ok so this is my first main review so be nice!

Kobo E-reader with wi-fi
Retail price 149 CND

I will be reviewing the Kobo with a basic pros and cons approach and adding an overview at the end. Here we go.


> 6 inch screen is about the size of a paper back so you it's an easy transitions for those of us who have a hard time letting go of that new book smell.

> Uses e-ink technology - At first, you tend to wonder "wtf is that?" but once you test it out, you just get it. Somehow (and don't ask me how) they make the words and picture look like printed paper. It is REALLY weird but great on the eyes.
>Is light weight and REALLY thin. It's way lighter than a hardcover and probably even some paperbacks. Making it uber portable

> Has a matte screen so you don't have o worry about the glare

> Has an array of accessories, skins and sleeves, so no need to worry on that front.

> Accepts the following document types : DRM epub, pdf, adobe drm

> Has an online store; (but also accepts pdf... so legally or illegally, books are available)

> Stylish - has a quilted back that is a bit feminine but nice

> Has wi-fi so if you need a book NOW, it's possible

> Comes with an SD slot for expansion

> Not touch screen - uses a D-pad

> Not as fast as flipping a page.

> If you want to go back twenty pages to re-read something.... it will take a while
> A bit fragile - something happened to my first one and I had to get it replaced =[ (don't even know what I did)

> Customer service is a bitch. Unless you are returning it to the place you got it (chapters in my case), it will take forever for anything to happen or it may not happen at all. I told them that my free boks voucher was not in the new replacement and 10 emails later, confirming things, NADA.

> Does not do anything other than hold books. This is not a con for me but I know that lots of people like centralized devices that do everything.

>Does not have a backlight. It literally looks like paper so reading at night without a flashlight is impossible. Thankfully people thought of that and there are clip on lights, but still counts as a con.


So in conclusion, the Kobo really narrows the gap between book and technology. Those of us who want  a more traditional approach to reading but still need it to be portable will love the Kobo. I know I do XD


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