Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Purchase - EB Games Promotion - Xbox 360 Slim 4GB

A Boy post:

I’m very excited to show you guys the totally not new anymore Xbox 360 arcade (4 gb version). This won’t be a review since I’m sure there are easily couple million of them out there. Just want to share with you guys the EB games (or Gamestop) promotion that is on now. The price of the console has been lowered to 130 CND (presumably to fight for Sony’s market share with the whole hacker scandal). With the $100 credit after trading in your old xbox 360 system, this beautiful piece of matt black system was only 33 dollars after tax. That’s right, I just upgraded my more than a year old system for a brand spanking new one for 33 dollars. Not to mention this one actually has memory. My old arcade only had 256mb  (I think..or something just as ridiculously small). The hunt for this system wasn’t easy as it’s pretty much sold out everywhere, especially this late into the promotion. Stock is about as hard to find as Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. But Michele called stores and managed to find one for me. 

Michele edit: HOLY SHIT was this hard to find, I called about ten stores every two days. I deserve some recognition, or a medal or something. =/

PS: Anyone else take advantage of this promotion?


Microsoft recently announced the price of Kinect and a 4GB model of their popular new Xbox (slim) model. ALso, The built-in WiFi allows you to access the internet wirelessly and lets you instantly get HD videos, music, movies and more.

xbox 360 slim

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