Friday, May 13, 2011

REVIEW: Samsung UN40C5000 - Love at first sight

A Boy Review:

After what seems to be months of searching (it was really just days) for the perfect T.V. I finally found it.

And what is the most important feature? Price. That’s right, I’m a poor university student and my budget really isn’t that high. But having said that, I am going to have to live with this T.V. for several years so durability and features are also very important. The key is finding the best compromise between feature, price and SEXINESS. Well the T.V. I’m talking about is the UN40C5000 Samsung LED tv. It’s a 40” LED T.V. by Samsung introduced by Samsung last year. Now I’m not even close to claiming I’m an expert on T.V’s (or really anything for that matter), but for those who are looking for a new T.V, I hope you can take away something from this post to help you make a decision you won’t regret.

The reason for me purchasing a new T.V. was really because my old one crapped out on me. You see the picture? It’s not an extremely small T.V. pretending to be a bigger one or anything weird like that. One day, half of the screen just went black. 0_0 Could you imagine one day, you try to turn on your T.V and all you see is half of the actor? I was literally missing half of the show everyday. Granted with a couple of good smacks the T.V. temporarily fixed itself, but I was getting tired of being so violent to my stuff all the time (hurts on the inside AND the outside). No one likes to hit their stuff, and I was starting fear my T.V. would spite me and the rest of the image would disappear too.

In comes the glossy new T.V. The best feature is really the fact that it displayed image on the whole screen (who cares that it can play full 1080p, pfft!). It produces beautiful images and the blacks are drop dead gorgeous. It does seem to need a little tinkering with as the default picture seems to produce unnatural colours, but it’s really doesn’t bug me that much. The thinness of the T.V. is something that amazes me EVERY SINGLE TIME I catch a glimpse of it on the side.  It’s razor thin for something this size. It’s about 1” thick. That’s right, it’s the thickness of my already thin Macbook pro 13”.

This little T.V. is jammed packed with features and inputs. It comes with 4 HDMI input, 2 USB input, digital audio out and audio out. The USB slot allows for you to simply plug in your hard drive or USB thumb drive and play your movies, music, pictures etc. I’m pretty sure I’m making it a bigger deal than it really is but it’s SO CONVENIENT to be able to just plug in your USB and play the movies you’ve downloaded (legally…of course... Right?) but if you think transferring it to your hard drive and plugging it into your TV is too much work, the good people at Samsung have a solution for you. Their “Allshare” software on the T.V. allows for you host whatever media you have on your computer/ laptop through some sort of DLNA software (I’m using TVMOBiLi since the one from Samsung is PC only). The TV detects your laptop as an input and can stream everything you have from your specified source on your computer. So far, the T.V. seems to read .AVI, .MKV and .WMV format. (if you have anything you want me to try out, comment below)

What did I leave out in my review? The price tag. That’s right, my top priority (and probably the same for many others). I managed to snag this up for 699.99. At this price you can’t really go wrong. With all these features available on this LED T.V. for the price of other LCD or Plasma TV, I most definitely consider this one of the Michele and I's best finds.



OK MAJOR MICHELE EDIT: Did we forget to mention how much work that I put in trying to find a model that was not used as a display? This tv is a discontinued model (reason it was so cheap) and so don't try to find one now. However, the D5500 is the updated version if this. Although this newer model is more expensive, keep in mind that they've obviously upgraded it.

Leave us a comment if you have any questions XD


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