Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Office Jerk App - A man's perspective

Free apps

For now we’re going to focus more on free apps eventually move onto paid apps and start taking request for reviews for them.
Have you ever had an annoying co-worker you just want to strangle? Or maybe you’re slightly less violent and you just want to throw the biggest piece of removable furniture from your cubical. Well the good people at fluik entertainment developed a quite entertaining app called OfficeJerk. It’s essentially the same thing as the Paper Toss app where you try to throw a piece of paper in a wastebasket. Except instead of a wastebasket, it’s the head of your co-worker you’re aiming for. The challenge (well not really all that challenging to be honest) is to overcome that pesky fan that blows your office artillery off course.
You have your choice of a pencil, eraser or a piece of paper to throw at that hard working guy that’s making you look bad in front of your boss. If you want to cause even more damage, you’re going to have to opt for their in-app purchase for the mug & stapler (which apparently you get for “free”. What you’re really paying for is to remove the annoying ads on the top of the game.) Or if that harmless guy that’s typing away at his computer is really bugging you that much, you can purchase their ACME addon….which presumably would kill him..or maybe cause a very cartoony explosion.
Just look at him…all smiling at you. WHAT ARE YOU SMILING ABOUT?! My theory? He actually has a life threatening disease that can only be cured by an eraser to the face.
So what’s bad about the game? Well, it gets boring…really fast. I played with it for all but 10 minutes and quickly got the hang of it and grew tired of it within that time. I guess if you’re waiting to pickup your girlfriend although you’ve told her you’re outside her house but she’s taking way too long this would probably make that unbearable 10 minutes slightly more bearable. 

[Michele edit : Ummm it takes a long time to look this good; Also please check back in a few days for my take on this app]


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